Controlling communication budgets simply by finding the lowest cost provider is seldom wise.

Unique strategies are required to optimize local phone service, long distance, WAN, and cellular service. Adjusting services for the best value requires market and technical knowledge that most I.T. directors just don't have time to acquire.  That's why businesses turn to BBK Group.

Our experience in managing voice and data networks helps you:

• Expose abandoned, surplus, and duplicate services. 
• Reveal high-cost and sub-market rates. 
• Identify every phone line, fax line, etc. at each of your locations.
• Consolidate, change line type, adjust plan features, or otherwise reduce monthly expense.
• Remove all unauthorized fees and "special" services you did not order and do not need.

Armed with a solid baseline of your existing services and communication needs, BBK Group sets to work exploring alternatives. We identify opportunities to realign your services for maximum efficiency and reliability, then make it all happen. When the answer is implementing new technologies, we work on your behalf with the providers to streamline the process and minimize the demands on your staff.

The end result is a clearly documented telecom portfolio built upon a thoughtful strategy designed to reduce cost, yet enhance performance.

"I'm impressed.  We received a check today from YPD Corporation that represents a refund of the money you recovered for us.   

You and the BBK Group have saved us a considerable amount of money over the years.

Your services are truly a valuable asset to the bank."

Randall S. Prange, CIO Bippus State Bank

"An explosion in the number of telephone lines, services and rates is taxing phone company computers, costing users and estimated $160 million a year in over charges.

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