We've noticed a strange thing about bills from many telecom/data providers - they often contain errors that leave you paying more than you should.

It's not uncommon to find that businesses have overpaid for months, even years. That means service providers may owe you refunds or credits. But, they don't make it easy to settle up. Many carriers even try to blame you for not catching their mistake sooner!

The BBK Group often uncovers these overcharges as part of our Telecom Optimization service. When we document a billing error, we do all the work for you. It often takes dozens of phone calls, faxes, and emails to get providers to admit they owe you money. When the facts are on your side we won't give up until that refund or credit shows up on your bill.

We accept a percentage of the credits and refunds as our fees.

BBK helped a regional bank recover more than $150,000 from AT&T for a single circuit billed in error.

A manufacturer in Florida received a $30,000 credit after BBK proved Sprint had billed long distance in error for 2.5 years.

An Indiana hospital has received over $75,000 in credits and refunds for errors documented by BBK.

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